Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Advertise and Review, Money Circle at Link From Blog

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Paid reviews What are most people doing on internet? Update their social network's status? Find some hot chicks or hot guys? What's the point on it? Okay, that's fun. But why don't you just try something else? Something more useful. Profitable. Something produce the money! Yes, you can make a lot of cash on this virtual world. One of the best way is making the best use of Link From Blog.

This site is a place to advertise. Or in the other word, you get paid for your article. This system called PPR (Paid Per Review). Okay, let's see what's inside of Link From Blog.

As you can see on the portal, there're two choosen you can take. First, you can register as an Advertiser, second as a Blogger.

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    Advertise you bussiness in blogs. You can buy a review written originally by bloggers. Each of those articles has inbound link to your website so your website can be noticed by the others.
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    Earn with your blog. Nowadays paid reviews are one of the fastest way to gain a money. Sure your artice must cool enough to be choosen by the advertisers. But don't worry, if you are a beginner (just like me), don't be scare to started it. Just learn. Slow but sure your review will legitimate enough and even the advertisers will bear a great paid for your article. And Link From Blog will offer you a job review with high paid.

Means, Advertisers find a great article to advertise their products. Bloggers write the review which were needed by the Advertisers. And then the Advertisers paid the Bloggers for the review. It's a Money Circle!

If you are a blogger just like me, just try to register as a blogger. And the very first task Link From Blog order is to write one article about a site of Link From Blog itself, in order to attract other reader to visit Link From Blog.

Quite interesting, isn't it?
Cmon just try it, don't waste your time. Click Link From Blog and enter the world of advertising that produce money!

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Saturday, December 25, 2010

CqWen, Offers Tips and Tutorials About the Great Computer, Internet, and SEO

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What do you think if someone stole your earrings right after your daughter had a party the other night with her friends? You might be suspect your daughter's friends as a thief? But it might be someone else. Since the earrings can never be retrieved, all you can do is to protect your home from such a thing. Then what do you need? Get The Best Of DVR Spy Cameras If You Need Hidden Cameras For The Bedroom, so everyone who came in and out can be record and no one will know there's a hidden camera.

That is just one example from a good tips of Computers & Internet that you can read on CqWen. This site offers tips and tutorials about the great internet. It existed since June 2008. From what I look, every article on CqWen was written by different author, so you can get an information from many point of views, not monotone. Fast site access and not too much ads, you can read properly without any meaning disturbances.

Take a look the other great article. Do you know that if you wash your clothes at a temperature ten degrees cooler than normal, you can save up to 40% of the energy? Just imagine, if every time you wash and do this tips, how much you will save your energy bills? Every little thing you do to save the energy, it means you save your money.

I'm sure there're a lot of people worked behind their computer trying to be a good Internet Marketer. Offer products to someone else and write an interesting review so they get attached and buy it. How if those Internet Marketer trying to use Internet Marketing Services Software?. It Can help your internet site to achieve its purpose.

Good articles, aren't they?
CqWen had a lot of visitors. Just leave a comment on every article you read and who knows another visitor will click your name and come to your blog. It can rise your SEO blog traffic right? Or stuck with your Alexa rank and had no any other idea to make it better, this site also offer you a great SEO tips.

What do you waiting for? Come to CqWen website and get a helpful computer tips for your internet bussiness.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Ashlee Simpson dan D'Masiv *err, apa korelasinya? (- _-")>

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Tadi sore gua dan si adek jalan-jalan di salah satu swalayan. Waktu kita tengok-tengok bagian baju *karena ada diskon disana, tapi 20% aja sial* musik diputer menjadi satu lagu yang rasanya gua kenal. Dari intro gitarnya sih gua yakin itu lagu Ashlee Simpson yang judulnya Pieces Of Me.
"Lagu favorit nih!" pikir gua saat itu.
Tapi pas intro selesai, eh yang nyanyi bukan Ashlee! Suara cowok. Ternyata itu lagu D'Masiv. Setelah googling (karena gua ga terlalu ngikutin lagu dalam negeri, honestly) gua tau klo judul lagu itu adalah Lukaku.

Saat itu gua heran, kok D'Masiv? Abisnya, intronya apalagi gitarnya itu lho, mirip banget Pieces Of Me.

Dan setelah googling lagi, ternyata emang ada beberapa forum yang membahas D'Masiv sebagai band penjiplak lagu-lagu luar. Atau cuma terinspirasi aja, I dunno. Gua juga tau gosip ini udah ada dari dulu. Cuman gua ga peduli. Gara-gara lagu fave gua disamain aja, gua jadi gatel pengen ngomong juga.

Coba deh kalian dengerin kedua lagu ini.
Pieces Of Me.
Apa kalian sependapat sama gua klo keduanya terdengar 75% mirip? Terutama intronya.

Tapi gua pribadi ga bilang ini salah satu bentuk plagiarism lho.
Peace out.

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