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First of all, I wanna say this post inspired by Secchama's post, Futagoza's Response. The main reason why I became follower on her blog was, her post inspire me so much. Not merely because I fuckin love her, but her post inspire me so much, I told ya..

This is the moment when I'm getting a little sensitive and melancholic. Time when I'll, again, losing something very important. After 3 years spend many times together with my classmates, we have to run ourlifes by ourselves. Going to college, get a job, and maybe some of them decided to get married, I dunno either. And I have to confront all that sorrow by myself. Like Secchama said, it is not easy for somebody like me to maintain a friendship, and it is not easy to find newer ones.

It might sounds foolish but I've lost my love too. Altough I keep it for a long time, so long, at last it flew. But it won't make me even much weaker. Sometimes I want my Romeo will do the same thing like a Romeo on "Love Story", song from Taylor Swift. Romeo saw the Juliet, Romeo say hallo, Juliet sneak out to the garden to see Romeo, Romeo and Juliet escape a town for a little while, Romeo and Juliet love each other. Then a momen later I realize it just a fantasy, because on the origin story, both of them were dead. Lot of people said it was an eternal love. But for me, it's not.

I'm not a Superman, I might be cried. I won't hide my sadness like I did whole times ago because it hurts me more. If I'm going to cry, then I'll cry. But there's no one will loan his/her shoulder for me again, because I lose my friends already. But I won't pretend to be as like "I can stand it by myself". Still, I need a people (who hasn't a good manipulating face) to keep me tough. At least I ever had the people I can called as "friend". Intan, Upeh, Ocin, Odez, Icha, Via, that's the way I called them, also the other IVORY of course. Though it's kinda short, we did a lot of stuff as FRIEND. Stay over the night on Ocin's house, climb something-can-called-as-a-little-mountain Gunung Walat, play sands and waves on Pelabuan Ratu, act like a child when we went to Dufan, and more..
I felt like stabed when I remembered it all, yet I can't repeat that moment even I wanted it so. I'm a human, and I'm weak, though. I could cry whenever I got hurt.

What precious for me is NOT a lover, but friends (with "s").

I'll keep this precious friendship as tight as I could.
This is the honest smile I can give.
Even it's not beautiful, but it's not fake.
By sharing the same time.
Sadness will also be warmed.

You know I'm perfectless.
Not an extraordinary, yet a mighty.
I'm just an ordinary. I have a thousand flaws.

That are friends. Acceptable..

Intan, Upeh, Ocin, Odez, Icha, Via..
Someday we'll be old enough for playing and do crazy stuff like now.
Till then, let us have a little bit longer time to spend with.

Melacur is Melakukan Curhat, anyway ~(-_-~)

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