Friday, November 5, 2010

Day 11 : You Got All Dirtied, Dude!!!

Friday, November 05, 2010
"Stop, you foolish!" Abby shouts.

"I said I'll stop it till I finished it", that girl continually stripped off Abby's clothes.

After ten seconds with struggling...

"Nyah, I did it. It would be easier if you just calm down, sweetheart", that girl thrown away Abby's clothes, Abby's school uniform in fact.

"You pervert!!!" Abby covered up her body with crossed her two hands.

"Don't be shy like that. Since there's nobody could see us inside here, we're free to do anything", the girl forces Abby into a corner during brings her face closer to Abbys'
"What a cute face", she lifts up Abby's chin.

"No, I'm not", Abby consistently crossed her two hands so it makes her can't deflect the girl's attact.

"Yes you are. For me, you're cute, Abby", she stared kissing Abby's smooth lips gently.

"Puah! Stop it!" Abby slaps the girl. She silenced for a while. Fondling her reddish cheeck.

"Interesing", she licks her own lips.

"So-sory. I didn't mean to...."

"Don't worry", she's grining.
"Hey, look at you. Now your whole body is uncovered."

Right after it, Abby tries to covered her body again. But the girl quickly grabs Abby's hands and binds them with a scarf. Now the girl's free to do anything she wants. So she begins with commenting Abby's breast.

"Un? Your breast is not very big neither too small. But it sure bigger than mine, y'know. FragiLe always said it's because I'm just a kid so it won't grown bigger. Yeah, I don't care anyway. Hey, but I'm not a kid! I'm 16! How old are you sweety?"

"Same here, 16. No, no, that's not the point! What the hell are you gonna do?! Let me go, you daft!!!"

"Easy, sweet lady. I'm not gonna hurt you. Conversely, I'll make you feel something you never felt before."

Then she started her attack.

"Get ready...." she's whispering, then kissing Abby rudely.
"This is a revenge because you slapped me", she's continually kissing and kissing. Rough. She even not lets Abby breathing.

"Guah. Stop it already", Abby seems exhausted.

"Not yet...." the girl kissed Abby again and again. She started kissing Abby's neck.

"Nnnhhh..." Abby moaned.
"P-please stop it."

Ignored Abby's requests, she explores another lower place. She takes off Abby's bra then playing her hands, twirling Abby's nipples. During that, she kisses Abby's lips again.

"Mmmhhhh..." Abby moaned a bit louder.

Abby's moaning makes her even more zealous. She takes off Abby's skirt and inserts her hand to Abby's underwear.

"How's that feel?" she's grinning again.

"P-please stop it now. Or I......" Abby said it among her moaning.

"Or what?" she sucks Abby's breast. Her hands still on below. Playing with Abby's forbidden area.

"I.....I can't help it", Abby seems give up. Her eyes a little bit soaked.
"Ack....." now Abby groaned quietly. That girl bites the nipples a bit.

"Ups, sorry. I'm getting all passionated. Can you feel it, A-B-B-Y?"

"I-I......" Abby looks at her doubtful.

"Don't be shy. Now you're mine. Let's get crazy", she kneels and slips down Abby's underwear. She licks that area -forbidden area I mentioned above- slowly. Lick, lick, and lick.
"It's delicious."

"Y-you...." Abby gets titillated.

The girl doesn't stop her action. She licks even deeper, plugged her finger in and out.

"Guh....." Abby grits her teeth.
"" Abby seems even more exhausted.

The girl was smiling, acceletares her attact harder.

"Really, you...stop it...I'll...I'll get cum, please..." begs Abby.
"Oh no, you...kyaaa..."

The girl stops licking and wipes her lips.
"My, my....take a look, you got all wet."

"Cut it out. It's embarrassing", Abby's face was soooo red that time. She turns away her face.

"Nothing to worry", the girl stands up and, again, lifts up Abby's chin.

Abby stares at that girl's eyes. She gazes deeply, silently, no fear.
"Who are you?" Abby closed her eyes and kissed the girl suddenly. And that girl, she replies Abby's kissing carefully, fondles Abby's hair, then slowly releases the scarf's bond.


Instantly Abby grabs the girl, hugs, so tight. She cried.

"Sorry. You've got dirtied by me. Just believe it's because you're so cute. I can't hold myself from not touching your white-marbled skin. Do you hate me?"

"I dunno...dunno..." Abby cried on that girl's shoulder.

"Then please don't hate me."

"Before that, please don't come and gone as you wish."

"Haha...I can't promise", the girl gave Abby one kiss on ear.

"How could I meet you?" No, how could we meet next?"

"I promise I'm gonna coming anytime I'm free."

"Don't be such a child. That's egoist", Abby releases her hugs.

"Ahaha, sorry", the girl smirks.
"Jaa, I've to go now. And promise me you'll never hate me. And I promise I'll come along as if you don't hate me. Haha..." she opened the fitting room's door.

"Hey! Wait!" Abby ran to caught her.

" all naked, dude."

"Ack!!!" Abby walks back and wears her dress qiuckly. Right after it, she ran out and looking on every corner. But she couldn't found that girl.

"What the hell we did then...." Abby grumbling.

[ FIN ]

BAHAHA ketawa2 sendiri pas bikin na LOL
adegan kotor yang nggak nyambung xD

chapt paling kacaaaaaaaaaaaaau!!!!!!!!!!

english na juga sangat kacau

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  1. huwah~~
    apa²an itu..
    sialan cewek itu


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