Tuesday, September 28, 2010

[L]ain is Bday

Tuesday, September 28, 2010
I'm birthday.
Not a special day for me. It's just an alarm to remind me that my life decreased one year.
And the worst, I have done nothing meaningful this one year recent.
Whereas I have a dream to catched. A big dream. Looks that dreams run from me even faster.
It hurts when you try your best but you don't get what you want, right?
Your hard work looks useless. And it as same as you done nothing.

Many things come. Many things gone.

IVORY. Gramps.
They just example from what I've lost.
Precious friends. Beloved people.
It's all the same. "HURTS" is the representative to what you feel when you are "LOSING".

Kaze sure a person hurts me the most for this one year. It's not Kaze's fault after all.
It's all about me.
My big ego. My shit prestige. My fuck child-minded.
Still, it's strange for me, when people separated because they have something in common. People should apart because they are different, right? They why we can't have each other because we're same?
Kaze said happy birthday to me last year. Kaze did not do it this year.
Feels weird.
I said happy birthday to Kaze last year. I did not do it this year.
Shit weird.

IVORY sure the best part of my life. My empty side no longer exist. Day by day with my great friends.
Make every times I spent with them so precious to be forgotten.

Person I love the most in this world. More than anything, more than anyone knows.
I don't know why it's so hard to talk when you want to prove you love someone.
I wanna make you proud. Just wait a little bit longer. I won't let you down.
Rest in peace.

So what's about you?
What kind of "a big change" you've got on your birthday?
New love? New friends? New future?
Or you find "the new you" that have been hiding on you?

25 September...

NB: Please doain yang lain SELain "moga panjang umur, sehat selalu, moga dapet jodoh", or bla bla bla.
Cukup doain biar cita-cita yang ngotot saya kejar bisa kesampean di taun ini.
You have no idea how much I wanna get that damn shit dream. Makes me crazy enough.

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  1. pertamax d amankan !!!

    ada 'angin' na :D


  2. suatu saat nanti dia akan datang kembali,,

    *smpai berkarat*


  3. cih tahe..
    orang goblog macam apakah saya ini sampe mau nunggu orang gajelas macem begitu :ass:

  4. hhahaha,,
    jelas ga jelas,, tpi lu suka kan,,


  5. yah aku doain deh apa yang kau inginkan cepet terkabulkan... ^^


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