Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Tuesday, June 02, 2009
First of all, I wanna say this post inspired by Secchama's post, Futagoza's Response. The main reason why I became follower on her blog was, her post inspire me so much. Not merely because I fuckin love her, but her post inspire me so much, I told ya..

This is the moment when I'm getting a little sensitive and melancholic. Time when I'll, again, losing something very important. After 3 years spend many times together with my classmates, we have to run ourlifes by ourselves. Going to college, get a job, and maybe some of them decided to get married, I dunno either. And I have to confront all that sorrow by myself. Like Secchama said, it is not easy for somebody like me to maintain a friendship, and it is not easy to find newer ones.

It might sounds foolish but I've lost my love too. Altough I keep it for a long time, so long, at last it flew. But it won't make me even much weaker. Sometimes I want my Romeo will do the same thing like a Romeo on "Love Story", song from Taylor Swift. Romeo saw the Juliet, Romeo say hallo, Juliet sneak out to the garden to see Romeo, Romeo and Juliet escape a town for a little while, Romeo and Juliet love each other. Then a momen later I realize it just a fantasy, because on the origin story, both of them were dead. Lot of people said it was an eternal love. But for me, it's not.

I'm not a Superman, I might be cried. I won't hide my sadness like I did whole times ago because it hurts me more. If I'm going to cry, then I'll cry. But there's no one will loan his/her shoulder for me again, because I lose my friends already. But I won't pretend to be as like "I can stand it by myself". Still, I need a people (who hasn't a good manipulating face) to keep me tough. At least I ever had the people I can called as "friend". Intan, Upeh, Ocin, Odez, Icha, Via, that's the way I called them, also the other IVORY of course. Though it's kinda short, we did a lot of stuff as FRIEND. Stay over the night on Ocin's house, climb something-can-called-as-a-little-mountain Gunung Walat, play sands and waves on Pelabuan Ratu, act like a child when we went to Dufan, and more..
I felt like stabed when I remembered it all, yet I can't repeat that moment even I wanted it so. I'm a human, and I'm weak, though. I could cry whenever I got hurt.

What precious for me is NOT a lover, but friends (with "s").

I'll keep this precious friendship as tight as I could.
This is the honest smile I can give.
Even it's not beautiful, but it's not fake.
By sharing the same time.
Sadness will also be warmed.

You know I'm perfectless.
Not an extraordinary, yet a mighty.
I'm just an ordinary. I have a thousand flaws.

That are friends. Acceptable..

Intan, Upeh, Ocin, Odez, Icha, Via..
Someday we'll be old enough for playing and do crazy stuff like now.
Till then, let us have a little bit longer time to spend with.

Melacur is Melakukan Curhat, anyway ~(-_-~)

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Iya, yang gua maksud emang Sherina yang itu. Yang mana? Sherina Munaf penyanyi ntuh lah, yang ultra menyilaukan itu. Siapa lagi. Lah emang doski blogger? Ada ceritanya, Jadi gini...
Di satu sisi nyali gua kepancing buat jabanin tantangan itu. Di sisi lain harga diri nggak ngijinin. Setelah pergumulan sengit, harga diri harus ikhlas derajatnya turun dikit dan ngerelain publikasi poto mengenaskan ini.
FYI masih ada aja beberapa blogger yang nggak tau gender gua cewe apa cowo. Nah poto masa kecil ini bakal memperjelas status kelamin gua di KTP. Gini ceritanya.
Gua update status di twitter kaya gini: "Orang yg baca blog saya biarpun sekejap bisa tau aslinya saya dibanding yg udh temenan lama di FB/Twit". Seorang Timeliner merespon "Saya mengenal baik anda dari apa yang anda tulis, you are what you write".
Gua baru sadar ada satu topik yang hampir nggak pernah dibahas di blog ini. Cinta. Selain Dakota Fanning, bisa dipastiin di lapak gua kagak ada satupun yang berhubungan sama cinta.
Ini dia rapper Indie yang tenar gara-gara lagunya yang ngehina salah satu band Indonesia abis-abisan. Sebenernya dia tenar bukan gara-gara lagu itu doang, tapi karena skill rapnya emang nggak bisa dipandang sebelah mata. Dijamin kuping kalian bakal dimanjain sama lirik-liriknya yang nggak murahan.
Banyak banget yang pas pertama kenal, entah itu lewat blog, facebook, forum Nakama, atau cuma selewat liat photo, langsung nanya, "Cewe apa cowo sih?" Pertanyaan yang langsung bikin MALESSSS!!!